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The pet questionnaire for dermatology is below.  

Dermatology patient history
You may download and fill out the form. Please return the completed form at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Contact us at 541-988-5458 for instructions on returning the forms.
Derm history final.docx
Microsoft Word document [15.5 KB]


  • For everyone's safety: please let us know if your pet is stressed, fearful, aggressive, or has any other behavioral reactions to either exams or to other animals, please let us know so we can adjust accordingly.


  • As a dermatology clinic, our exams require us to looks at areas that most animals find sensitive such as ears, mouth/face, belly, feet, or hind-end. We will do as thorough an exam as your pet will allow while trying to keep stress levels to a minimum.


If possible, please do not bathe your pet 48hrs prior to your appointment. 


We hope you enjoy and learn from your appointment with us. Please let us take a moment to explain some things unique to our practice:


   We ask a lot of questions.

  • A lot of what goes into determining treatment or diagnosis is history. While we get some information from records and the questionnaire, we like to get the finer details from you and that is unique to your pet and situation.


   We will need periodic updates and progress exams.

  • Skin problems are rarely solved in one visit. Many conditions require time and effort to determine an underlying cause. Follow-up appointments allow us to assess progress and adjust therapies to assure your pet is receiving the appropriate care.


  • We often ask for updates with a technician between scheduled appointments; these help us track your pet's progress and adjust treatments if needed.


  • While we welcome updates, if we receive more than 2 involved updates between scheduled visits, we may respectfully ask you to schedule an appointment or schedule a paid phone consult with the doctor.


Things to bring with you to the appointment

Besides yourself and your pet, please bring any medications that your pet is currently taking or has recently finished, and the brand names of any foods, supplements, and treats that you have been using. If you have been feeding a prescription diet, please bring the exact name of the food with you. Also, if you have been keeping calendars regarding your pet's skin condition or treatments bring those with you as well. A complete history will help us to better serve your pets' individual needs.


We look forward to helping you improve your pet's quality of life.


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Please call (541) 726-1100 for more info or to schedule an appointment.

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